Development and Infill in Riverdale

In an effort to help facilitate communication between residents and developers in Riverdale, we have set up a page where residents can share their feedback and developers can also share their concepts and connect to engage. If you have an open house or would like to share your development please email a planning chair on the Contact Page.

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Valley Line LRT

City-Owned Lots on 92 Street

102 Ave and 92 Street Area

On April 30, 2018, City Council's Executive Committee passed the following motion:

Affordable Housing on City-owned Site in Riverdale

That Administration provide a report on options and feasibility for affordable housing, in consultation with the community and affordable housing providers, on the Riverdale City-owned site outlined in the April 30, 2018, Financial and Corporate Services report CR_5600.

The Motion is directed to the City’s Financial and Corporate Services department, and is “Due by: Nov. 15, 2018.” We understand that the City Administrator in charge of the file is Tim McCargar (contact info below).

 The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting, incl. video, can be found here (click on agenda item 7.1). There is also a report on p. 4 in the June issue of The Riverdalian.

For further background on the topic, including reference to the Riverdale Area Redevelopment Plan, please click to view a slide presentation:

From the Riverdale Area Redevelopment Plan:

There are few areas in the Riverdale ARP that discuss the opportunity of these sites. These are excerpts from the document, which should be read in its entirety. 

Section 3.5 Predevelopment Requirements for City-owned Lands

Objectives: Prepare City-owned lands for residential development by dealing with legal, administrative and environmental constraints to development.

Policy 3.5.1 The City will take the following steps to ensure that City-owned lands, not required for municipal purposes, are available for development: (i) transfer surplus City-owned lands to the inventory of the Planning and Development Department for sale or lease;

Section 3.7 Development Opportunities for Affordable Housing

Objectives: To continue to provide the opportunity for low cost affordable housing to be built in Riverdale in a manner consistent with the objectives and policies of this Plan. 

Policy 3.7.1 The City Housing Commission will hold the property shown on Map 5 for the provision of low cost affordable housing until December 31, 1995.

Policy 3.7.2 The City will continue to maintain and rent existing City owned houses in Riverdale, as shown on Map 5, until the end of their economic life. After this time, the feasibility of redeveloping these properties for affordable housing will be examined.

 6 lots marked with an X

6 lots marked with an X

Tim McCargar
780-496-1543  (OFFICE)

There is an ad hoc committee of the league that is helping with community consultation and the feasibility investigation on this site.

Their contact information is as follows:

Donna Koziak
Lynn Hannley
Mike Cooper
Raquel Feroe
Jodine Chase

You may also contact the league's planning directors or the league president (go to CONTACT).

On April 27, 2018, the Committee held a public engagement event. Responses by community members can be read here:

The League has asked Tim McCargar for a meeting about the community engagement process that is part of the April 30 Executive Committee motion.

River Valley Company Development

Location: 10004 90th St NW


The applicant is a local Riverdale resident and has already approached the Community League and held an open house on May 11th to share ideas. For more information please use the contact and feedback form below. 

Tree Frog Press Development Site

Location: 10144-89 Street nw

Richmond Park Developments has reached out to the Riverdale Community League and is currently begining their consulation process, they are planning on having an open house to share ideas in the future.

Dawson Park & Kinnaird Ravine Master Plan

The City of Edmonton has started a master plan process to establish a 25-year vision and management plan for the park. You can find the city's website here and the final concept plan here.

Riverdale Community League, in January 2018, passed a motion that established an ad hoc committee to work with the city on improving the master plan.

To share questions, suggestions or concerns with the committee, please use the "general inquiries" function on our contact page.